Gay Guide to Los Angeles

The Gay Guide to Los Angeles Any gay guide to Los Angeles would no doubt include many communities spread throughout the Los Angeles Metropolitan area.  There are major areas within the sprawling city of Los Angeles as well as many small to medium-sized communities outside the well touted gay Meccas. The communities include Silver Lake, […]

London Gay Nightlife – Soho Edition

London Gay Nightlife Starts in Soho London Gay Nightlife Club Guide to Soho   Hussar – This is a restaurant and bar in the gay community’s Soho district. Does it specialize in catering to the gay community? Well, if you think that, you could not be more incorrect. While you may find the odd gay [...]

Paris le Marais – The Gay District

Paris le Marais – The Paris Gay District Although always considered exceptionally rude to foreigners, Paris is currently one of the top 3 travel destinations for gay couples in Europe.  If you are going to see the renowned art and parks, you will find your visit is a most delightful one. If you have come […]

Gay Guide to Miami and Gay Escorts in Miami

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New York Gay Escorts and City Guide

New York Gay Escorts and City Guide   The New York City Gay Community is the largest of any US city with an estimated 3.8 percent of the population although as we on ‘the other side’ know it’s easy assume that number is significantly higher with many men who sleep with men choosing not to identify […]

The Best Gay Cities – You wouldn’t have guessed

The Unlikely Great Gay Getaways Bangkok, Thailand could be the most dangerous place to be gay and out.  There are no laws to protect gays here. Gays, however, are very much out, and they find that no one needs gay protection laws anyway. Here the Buddhist Thai people are so friendly that they are always […]

London Gay Fetish Events Scene

London Gay Fetish events. A guide to the best gay fetish bars and the best gay fetish clubs in London. London and UK gay fetish scene

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