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Torture Garden London Gay Fetish Club

Torture Garden London Gay Fetish Club


Rubber Events

Guy Showing off his Bespoke Suit at the Gummi Bar

Guy Showing off his Bespoke Suit at the Gummi Bar

For those who like their gay action in rubber or latex outfits, try these:

  • Wet or Dry – You wear your favorite rubber outfit, and members and non-members are admitted at The Gummi (27 Wharfdale Road, Kings Cross). Check their website for the next event and see if you can wear the outfit that gets the most attention or wins all the action.
  • More, More, More… This event features layers-upon-layers of rubber outfits or whatever you want to show off. If it is a straightjacket, maybe you can find a hook-up with someone who will feed you a drink with a straw!

The Shit Party

  • Horny Rubber Fun is the night that you will get to see the most transparent of nearly transparent outfits made from London’s best rubber fashion houses. Did you wish to know if he had what you wanted?  This is the horny way to meet and find out.

London Re-Freshers Festival

The longest continuously operated gay fetish bar is probably the Backstreet (Wentworth Mews) where the strictly enforced dress code is for rubber or leather outfits only.  While it is a membership affair, it offers visitor passes and free memberships to anyone under 25 years old.  Entry is forbidden for non-leather or rubber attire of any normal street wear.  There is a changing room for those who prefer to arrive in street clothes, but dress for the actual bar areas.  The bar includes lots of special equipment to use and enjoy (see below).

Heroes Capture their Prey at London Gay Fetish bar

Heroes Capture their Prey at London Gay Fetish bar

Spanking Venues

There is no membership or dress code at the ClubCP (66 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall), but they have active spanking nights with a full stocked bar, draft beer, glory holes, a video lounge, and private spanking booths.  If you want to be thoroughly caned, bring your escort here Saturday (6:00PM to 10:00PM) or Thursday (7:00PM to 11:00PM).

Alan Roberts, the owner of the MA1, also arranges different spanking events at other venues in London or the EU.  If you are traveling outside London, or to London, he is a good source of information on where to have your ass bloodied.  Some of the spanking events are at The Hoist.

The Rabid Festival

The Rabid Festival


BDSM Events and Venues

The Torture Garden offers a great number of BDSM and transgendered events throughout the EU and UK.  Most of the events are held at the SeOne Event Center (41-42 St. Thomas Street). At this writing in 2010, the reorganized venue was seeking changes to its license with the police and London council.


It is a Uniformed Affair

The Boot Camp Tuesday night at the Eagle London (348 Kensington Lane, Vauxhall) has a the dress code of uniforms, leather, boots, rubber, and outfits which include only jocks and boots. The bar claims that it has the longest running fetish cruise club in the city.  They have a cruise maze to find a hook-up in the dark, and a great pool table for bets you simply must win.

Annually, Recon sponsors a sports kit night at the Union Club (88 Albert Embankment, Vauxhall).  You should take your escort from to this great charity event and be seen at one of the biggest charity events of the year.  You might win such great door prizes as a fuck bench from the Hog Works, a collection of the latest XXX gay videos, or a tube of WET to make that after-party sex all the more enjoyable.

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