London Gay Nightlife – Soho Edition

London Gay Nightlife Starts in Soho

London Gay Club Guide to Soho

London Gay Nightlife Club Guide to Soho


aHussar – This is a restaurant and bar in the gay community’s Soho district. Does it specialize in catering to the gay community? Well, if you think that, you could not be more incorrect. While you may find the odd gay couple dining on rich Hungarian food here, it is because of the food and good service, not the fact that the establishment is a gay hangout.

bThe Star at Night
– A café and gay bar with meals averaging about £10/person. The hours are from 6:00pm to 12:00am with the last admission at 11:00pm. According to the owner, “We carefully select our cocktails to offer you variety of choice, coupled with high quality blending. We believe in quality over quantity, so whilst our list may not be the biggest in town our cocktails are exceptional”. See their website for events and specials.


Gay London Magazine (qx Magazine London) – Located in Soho, and available on the streets and at bars throughout London, this is one of the largest gay publications focused on the gay community. It has a lot of feature material and makes a good weekly read.

Cruised at the Sweatbox

Cruised at the Sweatbox

dSweet Box Soho – According to the owner, “SweatBox Soho is London’s sexiest and most stylish gay gym and spa, close to Old Compton Street. It is the place to see and be seen”. The membership place is clean and designed to start a conversation with just about anyone who interests you.

G.A.Y Bar in Soho

G.A.Y Bar in Soho

fG-a-y Late
– This later night Soho gay club opens from 23:00-03:00 ready to take in the arrivals from the GAY bar listed below, this is more of a club atmosphere for teens and young gay guys with pop music and the occasional danced up hip hop track. From here many of the clubs loyals will head down towards Travalgar square to the Heaven nightclub which closes around 05.00hrs.

gOut & Out Gay – This is a club that offers a very large selection of events and special nights. When you inquire about membership, either on the phone or on the web, they will phone you and ask what kind of things interest you, what kind of people you would like to meet, and of what events you have heard positive news. They will then make suggestions as to what events they offer and when. Of course, you are not required to accept their suggestions. For example, if you are not into poppers, avoid attending events where this is specifically part of the announcement.

hG-a-y Bar 
– Trendy upbeat bar iconic to the London gay scene and one of London’s most popular gay hang outs, a young hip crowd which take up more room in this three story bar than there is, if you are prepared to be squeezed up against people all night drinking cheap and cheerful drinks, then you’ll enjoy this packed out place.

iJoy of Life – This is a private non-profit agency to help gays and lesbians with issues of going out, and the challenges of coupling with suitable mates. According to their official statements to the media, they help “overcome life challenges and create a joyous future. Working with couples and individuals to create happier, more fulfilling lives”.

– This is a high styled big circulation gay men’s photo magazine that takes discrete advertising. You can also attach your blog to their network where you can express yourself, if it is not too naughty.

If you have not shopped in the gay sense of the word in London before, it is worth paying a visit to Old Compton Street in Soho, where Gay Escorts will certainly be shopping. This is said to be the gayest street in London. It is one of a few London Streets where you will see hand-in-hand gay couples walking 24 hours a day.

The tube stops are marked with the tube symbol. The best gay shopping is near the Piccadilly and Leicester Square tube stops. Along Old Crompton Street, there are gay pubs, shops, restaurants, cafes, and hairdressers. The Admiral Duncan is at 54 Old Compton Street, which was bombed in 1999, is one of the many places in Soho where you can watch some of the best drag queen shows London has to offer along side The Village at 81 Wardour street, the Green Carnation on 4-5 Greek street and towards Heaven just off Trafalgar square is the appropriately named Hald Way to Heaven at 7 Duncannon Street. Comptons, across the street from the Admiral Duncan, has a unique vibe of it’s own with a more rough and rugged crowd made up mostly of cropped heads, denim, and trainers.

If you are shopping for period leather clothing, try WOW Retro near the Covenant Garden tube stop. They are located at 10-14 Mercer Street and stock second-hand leather clothing, biker gear, and boots. They claim to have a turnover of 500 kg of leather in an average month. Open Monday to Friday from 11:30am to 6:30pm, Saturday from 11:00am to 7:00pm, and Sunday from 12:30pm to 5:30pm.

For fetish wear, you might try DV8, which opened in December 2008, at 50 Old Compton Street. Their stock includes MMA fight wear, Affliction t-shirts, and leather by Mr. B. Open Sunday to Thursday from 11am to midnight; Friday and Saturday from 11am to 1am.

Whatever you’re looking for in terms of London gay nightlife, the best clothing shopping experience, dining and entertaining friends, Soho is the place to be and what better way to enjoy the pleasures of London is there, than hiring your favourite male escort here from and enjoying London in good company.

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